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Your dog will marvel at the gourmet selection presented to them, by you, from us here at Mutts & Mousers. Our collection of Dog Treats Gifts include baskets filled with the most delicious, high-quality dog treats. Not only are our dog treats tasty, but they’re also very nutritious and healthy for your dog. Get those tails wagging and gift your dog a special treat!

Dog Treats

Our Dog Treats Gifts for Puppies: The most adorable version of Dogs, puppies are nothing short of amazing, awesome little buddies! Show your puppy how much you love them by treating them with one of our Dog Treats Gifts for puppies.

Our Dog Treats Gifts for Dogs: Your dog shows you so much affection, it’s only fair to give them just as much affection in return. Get on your dog’s good side and guarantee some soft snuggles with some of our Dog Treats Gifts for dogs, fun gifts to keep those tails wagging!

Our Dog Treats Gifts for Pets: Whenever you’re on a walk, or a road trip, or any kind of journey, consider our Dog Treats Gifts for pets. Adventures are amazing, but they’re even better with your pet. Make sure they’re having as much fun as you are and gift them a special treat!

Our Dog Treats Gifts for Pet Owners: Sometimes there’s no adventure, there’s no surprise. It’s just a nice, laid-back, quiet night for you and your pet. These are the Dog Treats Gifts for pet owners for all the wonderful love and support they share with their pet.