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Raining Dogs Gift For Him

  • It’s raining dogs out there! And when the rain is torrential and the weather seems like it couldn’t get any worse… your dog will still want to go outside, and they’ll drag you out there with them. For those inevitable days, there’s the Raining Dogs Gift For Him, the perfect gift for male dogs who like to explore bad weather.

  • Water Bottle - For those long walks or runs with your dog, when they’re tiring you out more than you’re tiring them out, here’s some water to help keep you hydrated.

    Portable Water Dish - For when your dog gets tired on those long walks/runs, here is a handy portable dog dish so they can have a drink of water on the go!

    Doggy Raincoat - For those days when it’s pouring rain but your dog STILL wants to go outside, shield them from the rain with this adorable raincoat, which is both practical and a little fashionable.

    Towel - Blue Doggy Towel: Even the mighty raincoat can’t protect your dog from all the wet. When that happens, use this adorable yet practical blue doggy towel to help dry them off, before they shake those water droplets all over the room!

    Blue Tin - This handy tin can help you store all of your dog’s delicious treats.

    Poop Bags & Holder - It’s rude to leave poop around on people’s yards, but don't worry, you now have a several rolls of poop bags and a bag holder at your disposal to help keep your neighbors’ lawns cleans on those walks!

    Dehydrated Treats - Sweet Potatoes: Mutts & Mousers’ delicious in-house, dehydrated treats come in a variety of forms and flavors, but all will meet your dog’s expectations. Try all of our flavors to find your dog’s favorite!

    Chew Toy - Rubber Duck Chew Toy: Finally, a toy that your dog can’t just instantly rip through! This rubber chew toy is not only durable but will keep your dog entertained for hours and hours.

    Plush - Raccoon Plush: Give your dog a friendly companion of their own with this adorable raccoon plush. It will either be your dog’s new best friend, or new favorite chew toy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chad Fernandez
good services

My playmate from the dog park was feeling a little down so my Mom and I sent her this gift. She loved it! 2 paws up for this gift and website.

Jaiden Lowe

Arrived quickly, and my dog LOVES THEM! He loves running around in the rain and this gift is perfect for him. They were also shipped very neatly and none of the treats were broken! Will be a repeat buyer for sure! :)

Marina Hart
good packaging and fast delivery

Absolutely amazing. Great customer service... Provided an adorable raincoat for my little guy. He loves the products. Will be back.

Brynlee Schwartz
It was great

All the items were packed in a sturdy box and each one of them was awesome. I did not expect such a brilliant hamper for this price. Definitely recommended and a must have for you pet.

Khalil Gilmore
Such a cute and useful hamper

This was a really good hamper for taking my dog out for a strolling without worrying about the rains. I picked it for the variety of items in the hamper. With a couple of toys and a big pack of dog food, there was a nice rainwear. Though it was a bit bigger for my dog but gave proper protection from rains. Recommended.