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A Puppy’s Paradise

  • With all these amazing gifts grouped together in one setting, this gift basket truly is A Puppy’s Paradise. With delicious treats, entertaining toys, and a collection of accessories like bowls and a comfy dog bed, your dog will be loving their new surroundings and will feel like they’ve just entered paradise with this gift!

  • Dog Treats - GigaBite Bully Sticks Large: GigaBite Bully Sticks are one-ingredient dog treats made of pure beef muscle, cleaned, dried, and slow roasted to ensure that beef aroma that dogs can’t resist.

    Dog Treats - Treats: Delicious milk bone dog treats made right here in our kitchen! Our irresistible dog treats will have your dog jumping with excitement, wanting to have one more, then another, then another.

    Dog Treats - GigaBite Dog Treats Strips Small: All natural, free range, grass-fed cattle, these treat strips are healthy, nutritious, and above all, delicious. Your dog will soon fall in love with these amazing treats.

    Dog Treats - GigaBite Dog Treats Strips Large: All natural, free range, grass-fed cattle, these treat strips are healthy, nutritious, and above all, delicious. Your dog will soon fall in love with these amazing treats.

    Chew Toy - Rubber Duck Chew Toy: Finally, a toy that your dog can’t just instantly rip through! This rubber chew toy is not only durable but will keep your dog entertained for hours and hours.

    Plush Toy - Plush Duck: This plush duck chew toy is a great addition to your dog’s endless toy collection. It’s durable so they can throw it around and chew it for hours(and ultimately rip it apart… it is inevitable!).

    Plush - Jungle Buddies Giraffe Plush: Give your dog a friendly companion of their own with this Jungle Buddies Giraffe plush. It will either be your dog’s new best friend, or new favorite chew toy!

    Bowl - Stainless Steel Dog Bowl: How’s a dog supposed to eat all their delicious food? Well, this stainless steel dog bowl not only looks great, but it’s large and easy to clean, convenient for both you and your dog.

    Dog Bed - While dogs can fall asleep pretty much anywhere, we prefer to give them the option of a nice, warm, comfy dog bed.

Included In This Gift Set

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great Product!

Was invited to a "puppy party" and was unable to attend so I sent this gift and was told it stole the party. Thank you for making me look good. The doogie loved the treats as well as the toys in the basket. Thanks for coming up with such a great gift. Will definitely use you guys again.

beautiful gift!!

The dog loved the treats in this gift. I sometimes wonder if the dog will like them or not and I've sent from other company's with not as favorable a response. I'm thrilled to say the dog loved every single item in this gift. I will order again.

Quite great!

It was a lovely basket and I am satisfied with this purchase. The basket arrived on time and all the items within were good. With all the stuff like dog food, toys which were definitely of a good quality, and a nice, cozy bed, I think the price was quite reasonable. If someone looks for a decent package for their puppy, I would recommend it.

very impressive!

This fun gift arrived on the time as promised. My daughter loved it and her dog Rosie enjoyed the treats!

It was a good value for money

Got this for my 2 months old pup who instantly claimed the whole of this basket. I already had a little dog bed for my pet, but the one in the basket was bigger and better. The plush toy apparently scared the little guy so we had to remove it, but everything else was great.