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Pet gift baskets from Mutts & Mousers treat the pet lovers in the boardroom to excitement they’re used to receiving from their fur babies at home! Our lovely selection of toys, pet food, gourmet food for humans, and alcohol are the perfect way to help attendees show their rambunctious side.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gift Ideas For Employees: For the colleagues that pride themselves on being exceptional fur parents, reward them for their diligence in and out of the office with a Mutts & Mousers gift basket! Choose from a wide range of cat and dog basket options with luxurious gifts that humans and pets will love equally, the perfect remedy for a stressful quarter.

Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients: Are the clients attending the meeting proud fur parents? Appeal to their compassionate side with a lovely Mutts & Mousers gift basket! Our showstopping pet gift baskets house opulent toys and treats with lovely selections of human foods, perfect for a lighthearted and fun-filled meeting.

Corporate Gift Ideas For Executives: Leave a lasting impression by wowing shareholders with pets by treating the room to a Mutts & Mousers gift basket! An exceptional way of displaying your attention to detail, treat them to exceptional pet gifts and lovely gourmet human selections.

Corporate Gift Ideas For Competitors: Treat the competition to a delightful Mutts & Mousers gift basket and show their fur babies some love! Our delectable pet foods and lovely selection of reds and white wines ensures your basket is met with open arms, even if it’s coming from the enemy.