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The Very Good Dog Gift Basket

  • Your dog has been good this year, so why not reward them with a gift basket they will love? The Very Good Dog Gift Basket comes with two kinds of tasty treats, durable chew toys, a ball, new bowls for food and water, and a brush to keep that coat looking fresh. Your dog will be sure to enjoy this gift basket no matter the occasion! Of course, you can always customize your gift to make it extra special. Try adding on gourmet goodies for people and for pets!

  • Puppy Rope ToyAdorable and durable, this puppy rope toy is sure to delight your dog! The rope looks like a little tail on the end of this toy.

    Cloth Bone Dog Toy - A classic and versatile dog toy, this dog bone has is made of a very durable cloth!

    Green 2-in-1 Steel Pet Bowl - Featuring a colorful plastic bowl holder, this pet bowl comes with two stainless steel bowls for easy clean up.

    Green Colorful Pet Brush - Great for picking up hair on the go or at home, this pet brush has soft but reliable bristles that are sure to get all those pesky stray hairs.

    Cotton Rope Ball Toy - Perfect for playtime, this rope ball toy is durable and will definitely keep your dog entertained!

    Mini Training Reward - Chicken Flavor - Made with real pork liver, these treats have a soft, moist texture that dogs will love! A delicious reward during training, these treats will help motivate your dog to excel at their training!

    Jay's Soft & Chewy Tid BitsGreat for dogs who love peanut butter, these soft and chewy tidbits are flavored with peanut butter and liver that will help keep your dogs hips feeling good!

Unique Gift Baskets For Pets

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mireya Gregory
great gift

Super cute gift basket, excellent customer service! I can't wait to see how the puppy reacts to opening this! Thanks again!

Aliya Riley
very happy with the purchase

My pup LOVED these!! Quality is amazing & the soft chewable toys are really cute!I am sure that I will be ordering again in the future!Highly recommend this seller!

Cadence Mercado
good value for money!

These are PERFECT!!! Absolutely the cutest basket EVER! Perfect packaging- NONE of the items were broken or damaged. I've ordered from them before and I'll continue to be a returning customer!

Ean Trevino
nice gift

Thank you for the FAST shipping! treats looks amazing! Going to use it for my Frenchie's first bday party in two weeks...will post pics then! :) love the food bowl too. And the photoframe is a big bonus and really cute addition to the gift and makes the whole gift really cute. Love the ive been good toy and my dog will definitely like it a lot.

Georgina Rangel
Liked this basket

My husband got this hamper for our new baby dog. She is a bit picky about her food and any kind of unhealthy food gives her trouble but she was quite happy with the treat in the hamper. I will certainly order more of them.