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Catnip Crazy Gift Set With Champagne

  • This Cat Gift Set is perfect for anyone with an indoor cat. It Features Kitty’s Garden, a healthy and edible grass that cats can eat and help with their digestion. The Catnip Crazy Gift Set With Champagne also features some cat treats and toys. The included bottle of champagne may be upgraded from Mutts Mousers’ extensive spirits list, as well as additional cat toys and treats may be added to the basket. See below for more details.

  • Cat Treats - Temptations Seafood Cat Treats: Mouthwatering, rich seafood flavor treats that your feline friends crave.

    Cat Toy - Mouse Plush Toy: This adorable mouse toy will have your cat running and chasing for a very long time. It’s a good way to stretch their legs (and tire them out).

    Picture Frame - This Picture frame is perfect for a 4 x 6-inch picture insert of your favorite furry friend with the caption ‘You left pawprints on my heart’.

    Bowl - Cat Bowl: Your cat will enjoy mealtime a lot more with this beautifully designed bowl with white finish.

    Kitty’s Garden - SmartCat Kitty’s Garden: Bring some nature to your indoor cat! Just add water to the organic seeds and peat moss soil, and in 4 to 6 days your cat has a garden of nutritious oat, rye, barley, and wheat grass.

    Catnip - Mutts & Mousers Catnip: Our in-house catnip is like a shot of adrenaline for your cat. Entertaining and engaging are the best words we can use to describe this gift.

    Cat Chew Toys - Catify Silvervine Cat Chew Toys: Perfect as a starter pack, for your cat's birthday, the holidays, or just because he's your best friend.

What Is Included in this Champagne/Sparkling Wine Gift Basket?

Customer Reviews

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Nina Elcao
Outstanding but needs personalized card

This review is from the recipient: I would recommend. Not only was the basket & goodies well presented with a card, the basket & toys themselves are high quality. Seriously my cat hasn't stopped playing with one or more of the toys when she wants to get feisty. They aren't so small that they'll got lost forever inside the couch or under the frig. Instead they are big enough to be durable, especially for cats with claws who need to comb their toys. The Lic & Wine Me definitely had impressive beverages and was extremely well packaged for shipping. It was missing a personalized card or notation on the package.