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The Red Salad Gourmet Gift Basket

  • This Gourmet Gift Basket with a red salad bowl and salad tonges is perfect for any occasion or event!

    Can be customized by adding a personalized card or note.


    CONTAINER: Solid bamboo red salad bowl with handles — great for any salad.

    Fork & Spoon salad tonges.

    CRACKERS: Capeachio's Asst Crackers 249g/8.8oz

    Haute Cuisine Crackers - Made from the best ingredients. Loaded with Gourmet taste you can feel good about. Roasted Onion 113g/4oz

    PASTA: Piacelli Pasta Spaghetti Quattro Formaggi 315g

    Filotea Fettucine - What am I? A 1cm wide pasta for meat sauces. It's unique because Filotea pasta is roughly textured giving it extraordinary absorption for sauces.250g

    CAPERS: Capers pack big flavor in a tiny package. These little spheres are the flower buds of a prickly shrub that grows all over the Mediterranean. Eaten raw, capers are unpalatably bitter, but once cured in a vinegar brine or in salt, they develop an intense flavor that is all at once salty, sour, herbal, and slightly medicinal.

    CHEESE: Rosenborg Castello Cheese - Camembert 12/125g 

    ANTIPASTO: Venitian Classic Antipasto 215g 

    MUSTARDS: Elki Gourmet Whipped Mustard Spread & Dip - More than a mustard; 11.5 oz

    OLIVES: Mille Lacs Olives - Spanish Margaritta 57g/2oz

    DIPS: Too Good Gourmet Spinach Dip

    VINEGARS: Vinegar in a Decorative Square Obelisk Bottle

    Sunrise Valley Red Wine Vinegar 340ml

    PEPPERS: Sunrise Valley Red Whole Roasted Peppers 225g

    OILS: Iliada Extra Virgin Oil Oil - Organic - Product of Greece - first pressing from Koroneik olives. Fruity, sweet & mildly light taste ideal for salad dressings, grilled fish, white meat, sauces, pastas & vegetables.500 ml

    NOTES: Cloth napkin, napkin ring and placement are for illustration purposes only.


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