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For a Giddy Kitty Cat Gift

  • This gift basket contains many items that your cat or kitten will fall in love with. Containing a plethora of fun, engaging and distracting cat toys, the For a Giddy Kitty Cat Gift is the ultimate cat gift. Make sure your cat knows they’re the best kitty around by gifting them these amazing gifts.

  • Scratching Post - Cats just have to stretch their claw now and then and this large scratching post is the perfect way to keep them from using those claws on your lovely furniture.

    Cat Toy - Best Pet Supplies Inc. Catnip Toy: This fun and engaging toy is irresistible to any cat or kitten thanks to the catnip hidden inside.

    Cat Chew Toy - Catify Silvervine Cat Chew Toys Big Box: Silvervine toys use the bark and fruit of plants to captivate your cat. Your cat will love the toys and keep coming back for the wonderful plant!

    Cat Chew Toy - Catify Silvervine Cat Chew Toys Small Box: Silvervine toys use the bark and fruit of plants to captivate your cat. Your cat will love the toys and keep coming back for the wonderful plant!

    Catnip - Mutts & Mousers Catnip: Our in-house catnip is like a shot of adrenaline for your cat. Entertaining and engaging are the best words we can use to describe this gift.

    Cat Toys - Plastic Balls: These plastic balls are great distractions for your cat. They’ll chase, paw, and leap after these toys.

    Cat Toy - Mouse Plush Toy: This adorable mouse toy will have your cat running and chasing for a very long time. It’s a good way to stretch their legs (and tire them out).

    Basket - Stained Wicker Basket: Housing all of the wonderful items in this gift, this stained wicker gift basket is not only the gift’s foundation, it can also be used afterwards for any number of different purposes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tony Duffy
Liked it

Bought this basket randomly but it was definitely good. It arrived on time and the packaging was nice; I especially loved the packaging of the chew toys. My cat loved the little plush mouse the best and tries to drag it along everywhere. I would recommend this hamper for sure.

Cristie Conway
very happy with the purchase

These toys are so cute and arrived very quickly! My little persian Cat can't get enough of them! She really loved the little mouse from the lot. Will be back for more soon!!

Elliott Green
excellent quality and service

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for putting together such a great basket for our furry family and for the great hand delivery service. I understand that it’s snowing and two attempts were made for delivery. I appreciate the extra attention that you provided during the busy season. Have a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! Thanks again.

Mrs. Maude Shields MD
Not bad

I have two cats and I got a kit for both of them apiece. One was received very well and the other with a little bit less enthusiasm. The assortment was quite basic, but the quality was good. The hampers arrived on time but I felt they could work more on the presentation part. Can be recommended.

Alejandro Mcdaniel
beautiful gift!!

I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today (4 days) in Canada. My cat really loved all the toys, she was very excited by the chewable balls and couldn’t stop chewing them, haha. This is the best service that I have received from anyone, anywhere since I can't remember when. thanks to you guys for your name will be on my praise list for years to come.