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July 24, 2018

Who’s a good boy? Well, when getting a dog, it’s hard to know what dog you’re getting. Oh sure, you can pick one down to the very last detail regarding their projected size, their genes, their breed, etc, but one thing that is so hard to predict is their personalities. A puppy can have many different traits and different personalities than the dog they will eventually grow into, just as a child has different personalities than their eventual adult counterpart. The best way to prepare yourself for the dog you’ll have is by learning some of the different dog personalities.

The “Energetic” Dog

This Energetic Dog is the most exhausting dog personality to deal with. While they’re seemingly endless fuel of energy and excitement is fun at first, you’ll quickly learn how difficult it is to maintain that same level of energy, and you’ll struggle to keep up as they run laps around you. Of all the different dog personalities, this one will have you sweating the most. Fair warning.

The “Puppy For Life” Dog

This particular dog personality bears many resemblances to the previous one. Their energy level is almost on par and they seem to tire you out faster than any other dog, but the key difference here is the dog’s mentality. While the Energetic Dog will eventually slow down, the Puppy For Life Dog seems to be enthralled and engaged with every leaf that blows by. He wants to meet every new person, play with every new dog, and chew on literally everything he sees… everything! The one upside this dog brings that the other types of dog personalities do not is the social aspect. While your dog is meeting new dogs, you could be meeting their humans.

The “No-Go Fetch” Dog

This is the type of dog that sits on the couch all day, doesn’t fetch the ball when you throw it, and can’t stand when you want it to do a little physical exercise. This is the “No-Go Fetch” Dog, otherwise known as a very lazy dog. The downside to these dogs is their work ethic, and their motivation to do fun things. You’ll often be questioning whether you adopted a cat inside of a dog’s body. The upside, however, is the lazy dog often falls asleep in the cutest, most ridiculous poses and places giving you great material for your Snap stories… so there’s that.

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The “Unfoolable” Dog

These dogs would be scientists if they could hold beakers with their paws. Their intelligence is masked only by their drool. They are the brains of the dog community. When you pretend to the throw the ball, they don’t even flinch because they’re well aware you still have it in your hand. They know when even a spec of food hits the floor. And they know your movements better than you do. If you’re in even a 5-meter radius to the leash… you ARE going for a walk, no debate.

The “Rough & Tough” Dog

Warning. Beware of sharp teeth and scratching claws, whether intentional or accidental, you will notice no difference. The Rough & Tough Dog eats all other dogs for breakfast! In reality, they’re actually really sweet and friendly dogs that are very obedient and well-behaved… to their owners. To everyone else, however, they can often find the dog to be mean, aggressive, loud, and dominant. This type of dog personality sits atop the food chain. Many people like a dog that’s confident and tough, but be careful, it’s a thin line to toe, one side being a dog you can handle, and one side being a dog you can’t.

dog personalities

The “Wouldn’t Hurt A Fly” Dog

The exact opposite of the previous dog personality, the Wouldn’t Hurt A Fly Dog, well, wouldn’t hurt a fly. You’ve never met a dog that’s more gentle with things than you are. You hand them their toy (the toy that can be easily chewed up and ripped to shreds) and they barely want to pick it up for fear of damaging it. This dog is definitely one of the sweetest dogs out there, and you’ll be lucky to get one if you do. The one problem: they don’t make for great security systems.

When it comes to pet personalities, they’re just like people in the sense that every person is unique based on a million factors including their lineage, their upbringing, their interests, their company, and it’s no different for dogs. These are only a handful of all the different dog personalities out there. Your dog could fall into one of these categories or not, but one thing is for certain: they are unique and you love them for it. And clearly they tolerate you enough to stick around too.