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July 30, 2018

They say cats have nine lives, but they can also have a handful of different cat personalities.  When getting a cat, it’s hard to know what cat you’ll end up with. Oh sure, you can pick one down to the very last detail regarding their projected size, their genes, their breed, etc, but one thing that is so hard to predict is their personalities. A kitten can have many different traits and different personalities than the cat they will eventually grow into, just as a child has different personalities than their eventual adult counterpart. The best way to prepare yourself for the cat you’ll have is by learning some of the different cat personalities.

The “Recluse” Cat

As far as different cat personalities go, you won't have to worry about this one too much… mostly because you will rarely ever see it. The Recluse Cat is shy, untrustworthy of strangers (and people it has met before but not recently), and is moody when it comes to being pet or snuggled. The Recluse Cat is rarely seen, especially by guests. Cat owners will protest that the Recluse Cat is “always out and about”, but any house guests have little evidence to credit the owner’s story. Does the Recluse Cat even exist? We may never know.

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The “Kitten For Life” Cat

Similar to the Energetic Cat, the Kitten For Life Cat seems to have an endless reserve of stamina. Whatever you do to tire them out, it doesn't take. The key difference between an energetic cat and the Kitten For Life Cat is their mentality. The Kitten For Life Cat views everything with wide eyes and excitement. They want to meet every new person who walks through the door, they scratch everything, and they’re mesmerized by literally everything.

The “Needy” Cat

How dare you think about being productive with your day, doing any type of activity that doesn’t involve your cat whatsoever?… Sorry, just repeating the thought your Needy Cat will have if you leave them alone for more than five seconds. The Needy Cat isn’t necessarily high on energy, but they do put maximum effort into being at your side at all times, whether they need some petting, some scratching, some snuggles, or some food. The Needy Cat is there when you’re awake, and almost surely lying on your face when you’re trying to sleep.

The “Garfield” Cat

If you’ve ever read a Garfield comic strip, you know what this cat is all about. Of all the different cat personalities, this one is by far the laziest, as well as hating Mondays of course. This cat is very neutral about a lot of things. If you’re in the house or not, meh, they’ll just sleep in different spots depending on if you’re home or not. If people come over, meh, have you met them before? Yes? Ok, nevermind, back to sleep. If they hear food being poured into their bowls, meh-- wait a minute, actually, they will get up for that.

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The “Energetic” Cat

This Energetic Cat is the most exhausting cat personality to deal with. While they’re seemingly endless fuel of energy and excitement is fun at first, you’ll quickly learn how difficult it is to maintain that same level of energy, and you’ll struggle to keep up as they run laps around you. Of all the different cat personalities, this one will have you sweating the most. Fair warning.

The “King/Queen of the Castle” Cat

This cat would sit on a throne if one were provided for it, but it’ll have to settle for the highest shelf in the house for now. This cat runs the household, and everyone else bows to its every command. When it wants out, or food, or up on a counter, it gets it. However, the King/Queen of the Castle Cat can only achieve this status if the cat owners comply, being that they happily give the cat whatever it asks for whenever it asks.

When it comes to pet personalities, they’re just like people in the sense that every person is unique based on a million factors including their lineage, their upbringing, their interests, their company, and it’s no different for cats. These are only a handful of all the different cat personalities out there. Your cat could fall into one of these categories or not, but one thing is for certain: they are unique and you love them for it. And clearly they tolerate you enough to stick around too.