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June 28, 2018

Are you a dog person or a cat person? You probably get asked this question often, and by many different people. Some people are definitive in their answers, and some prefer to toe the line and suggest that they like both. The question Mutts & Mousers likes to ask is: gifts for dogs or gifts for cats?

We’re all about dogs, cats, and their owners here, but even we become impulsive and request a definitive answer as to whether you’re a dog person or a cat person. We’re curious; it’s human nature. Though you have to wonder, what makes someone a “dog person” or a “cat person”, and how can Mutts & Mousers’ gifts for dogs and gifts for cats help?

gifts for dogs

So what makes someone gravitate more towards one animal over another? Many different factors culminate into someone veering more towards dogs than cats, and vice versa. Your personal pet preferences can form all the way back in young childhood: the pet your parents had and the influence of their preferences, the pets your extended family had and your overall exposure to certain animals over others, and most predominantly, the animal you had when you were growing up. All of these factors and so much more combine and mold your opinion, your likes, and your dislikes toward specific pets over others. However, there are many people who choose not to give a preference (which is fine, we’re pretty accepting here, considering we ALSO love BOTH dogs and cats). They may have grown up having both dogs and cats in the house, being exposed to both equally and developing love for both animals for varying reasons. Mutts & Mousers totally understands this point of view, which is why we offer as many gifts for dogs and gifts for cats as we can. It’s like choosing your favorite child or sibling, it can’t be done!

We’re not psychologists here so we’re not 100% certain of what goes on in the minds of dog people or cat people, but based on the animals they own, and those animals’ personalities, owners tend to predominantly be a certain way depending on their pet. These may not all be entirely accurate, but when they are, it can be pretty fun. Dog people can be fairly outgoing. Dogs like to be playful, energetic, and roaming. Dogs get you out of the house, to the parks, to the neighbourhood. They almost force you to be social and connect with others.

gifts for cats

Cats, on the other hand, are a little more reclusive. They prefer the quiet, calm life. Their owners, by design, can often be calm, quiet, and more cultural and worldly thanks to more personal time owning a cat makes available. Are these all true and accurate? Sometimes, but not always (I’ve met some pretty wild cat owners in my day), but it is fun to consider that the pet we have can often shape who we are. Pretty powerful stuff. As much as we try to project our own standards, activities, and obediences onto our pets, they can project theirs’ onto us just as easily.

Regardless of your preference, Mutts and Mousers’ collection of gifts for dogs and gifts for cats are for everyone. We have all your pet and pet owner needs, regardless of whether you’re a dog person or a cat person. From collars to scarfs, leashes to toys, food to treats, our collection meets all the needs of your pet. We understand that a pet is just as much a part of the family as anyone else, and they deserve just as much love and care. We honestly don’t care if you’re a dog person or a cat person. As long as you love your pet with all your heart, we’ll love you with all ours’.